• Product Name:D-Xylose
  • Molecular Formula:C5H10O5
  • Purity:99%
  • Molecular Weight:150.131

Product Details;

CasNo: 58-86-6

Molecular Formula: C5H10O5

Appearance: White crystal powder

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  • Molecular Formula:C5H10O5
  • Molecular Weight:150.131
  • Appearance/Colour:White crystal powder 
  • Vapor Pressure:1.22E-08mmHg at 25°C 
  • Melting Point:154-158°C(lit.) 
  • Refractive Index:20 ° (C=10, H2O) 
  • Boiling Point:331oC 
  • PKA:pKa (18°): 12.14 
  • Flash Point:219.2oC 
  • PSA:90.15000 
  • Density:1.525 
  • LogP:-2.58230 

Zorui Functional Food Additives D-Xylose CAS 58-86-6 


Products Description

D-Xylose can help to breed double fork bacillus in human being’s intestines. The microbe status inside body of man is greatly improved, and the immunity of man is much strengthened if people take xylose. Xylose is compatible easily with any food. Most foods, when mixed with xylose, show excellent care to health. Xylose, when taken together with calcium can increase the ability of man to absorb and keep calcium, and prevent man from getting constipated. It is mainly used in food and beverage as the sweeten agent of nonheat, for diabetes patients.

D-Xylose, commonly called wood sugar, is a natural 5-carbon sugar (pentose) obtained from the xylan-rich portion of hemicellulose, present in plant cell walls and fiber.

Product Name: D-(+)-Xylose
Synonyms: (+)-Xylose; 2,3,4,5-Tetrahydroxypentanal; 4-01-00-04223 (Beilstein Handbook Reference); BRN 1562108; CCRIS 1899; FEMA No. 3606; HSDB 3273; UNII-A1TA934AKO; alpha-D-xylopyranose; beta-D-xylopyranose; D-xylopyranose; D-Xylose
CAS RN.: 58-86-6;133-56-2;141492-19-5
EINECS: 200-400-7;247-395-8
Molecular Weight: 150.1299
Molecular Formula: C5H10O5



1) D-Xylose, as a new functional food ingredient, has been widely used in various functional foods due to its excellent processing characteristics and various physiological regulation functions.

2) D-xylose can selectively promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria such as intestinal bifidobacterium, make it a dominant intestinal flora, regulate the intestinal microecological balance, and promote intestinal health.

3) D-xylose belongs to water-soluble dietary fiber and has some physiological functions of dietary fiber. D-Xylose has a good effect on preventing hyperlipidemia. D-xylose can inhibit the absorption of bile acid, and its hydrolysis activity in intestine is lower than that of other dietary fibers. Therefore, it can block the hydrolysis of carbohydrates in the digestive tract and effectively control the blood sugar level.


1) As a non-calorie sweetener,D-xylose is used as fat antioxidant, medical preparation, raw material of caramel color and various fragrance, etc
2) It can be used as flavor modifier in meat and food processing. It can be also applied as raw material antioxidant.

3) As a non-calorie sweetener,D-xylose is used as fat antioxidant, medical preparation, raw material of caramel color and various fragrance, etc
4)It can be used as flavor modifier in meat and food processing. It can be also applied as raw material of meat essence and antioxidant.


Packaging 1kg-15kg packing 2 PE bag inside + 1 foil bag outside in carton
25kg-50kg packing 2 PE bag inside + 1 foil bag outside in drum
Other packing Customized packing
Drum Size D38cm*H60cm or customized, 25 kg/ drum
Shipping 1-50kg International Express Fast and convenient Door to Door
50-500kg Air Transportation Fast and cheap To Air Port
Above 500kg Sea Transportation Cheap and convenient To Port




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