• Product Name:Gluconic acid
  • Molecular Formula:C6H12O7
  • Purity:99%
  • Molecular Weight:196.157
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Product Details;

CasNo: 526-95-4

Molecular Formula: C6H12O7

Appearance: clear yellow to brownish-yellow solution

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  • Chemical Formula: C6H12O7
  • Molecular Weight: 196.16 g/mol
  • Appearance: white to light yellow crystalline powder
  • Solubility: Highly soluble in water
  • Odor and Taste: Odorless and slightly acidic taste

Specification (Typical):

  • Assay: ≥99%
  • Moisture: ≤1%
  • pH (10% solution): 1.0-3.0
  • Heavy Metals (as Pb): ≤10 ppm
  • Arsenic (As): ≤3 ppm
  • Lead (Pb): ≤2 ppm

Packaging 1kg-15kg packing 2 PE bag inside + 1 foil bag outside in carton
25kg-50kg packing 2 PE bag inside + 1 foil bag outside in drum
Other packing Customized packing
Drum Size D38cm*H60cm or customized, 25 kg/ drum
Shipping 1-50kg International Express Fast and convenient Door to Door
50-500kg Air Transportation Fast and cheap To Air Port
Above 500kg Sea Transportation Cheap and convenient To Port


  • Acidic Nature: Gluconic acid is a mild organic acid, making it less corrosive and gentler on surfaces compared to stronger acids.
  • Chelating Agent: It has chelating properties, meaning it can bind to metal ions, enhancing its use in cleaning and industrial applications.
  • Biodegradable: Gluconic acid is biodegradable, making it environmentally friendly and suitable for applications where sustainability is a concern.
  • Non-toxic: It is considered non-toxic and safe for use in various applications.


Gluconic acid(Cas 526-95-4) Usage


Gluconic acid is recognized for its mildness, non-toxicity, and biodegradability. It is formed by oxidizing the aldehyde group of D-glucose into a carboxyl group. This organic acid is naturally present in plants, fruits, wine, and honey. Gluconic acid is commonly found in the form of salts, particularly sodium gluconate and calcium gluconate.


Food and Beverage Industry:

Acidity Regulation: Gluconic acid and its salts are utilized as food additives for regulating acidity levels in various food and beverage products.
Chelating Properties: Gluconate salts serve as chelating agents, binding to metal ions and preventing their adverse effects on food quality.
Sequestration: They help in sequestering metal ions, thereby enhancing the stability and shelf life of food items.
Cleaning and Detergents:

Chelating Properties: Gluconic acid is employed in cleaning products, detergents, and descaling agents due to its chelating properties, which aid in removing mineral deposits and metal stains effectively.


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