• Product Name:Ferric pyrophosphate
  • Molecular Formula:Fe4.(P2O7)3
  • Purity:99%
  • Molecular Weight:745.218
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Product Details;

CasNo: 10058-44-3

Molecular Formula: Fe4.(P2O7)3

Appearance: yellowish white powder

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Food Additives Ferric Pyrophosphate CAS 10058-44-3


Molecular formula: Fe4(P2O7)3 • xH2O.

Molecular weight: 745.22.

CAS NO: 10058-44-3

EINECS NO: 233-190-0

Appearance: White powder.

Organoleptic: odorless and no smell of iron.

Solubility: It is slightly soluble in water and acetic acid but soluble in inorganic acid, ammonia and citric acid.



High iron assay, it is 24%-30%.

Light color, so the application scope is wide.

Good absorbency and high bioavailability. High security, stimulating to the stomach is small, no adverse reactions and side effects. It was included in the list of substances generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1994.

Application: As iron nutritional supplement, it is widely used in flour, biscuits, bread, dry mix milk powder, rice flour, soybean powder, etc. It also used in infant formula food, health food, instant food, functional juice drinks and other products abroad .


Upgrade Product:

Micronized Ferric Pyrophosphate: The particle size is very fine, up to 1~3µm. And it is easily soluble in water, which greatly increased its scope of application, such as used in liquid beverage, solid drinks, dairy products, etc.

Emulsified Ferric Pyrophosphate: Combined with surface activation technology, micro-emulsion technology and micro-capsule technology, making into the water-soluble ferric pyrophosphate, which greatly increased its scope of application. It appears emulsion state after dissolved in water and it’s dispersion is stable.

Standard: It conforms to the requirement of FCC.



Items FCC
Iron assay % 24.0~26.0
Particle size 1.0~3.0um
Loss on ignition % ≤20.0
Lead (as Pb) % ≤0.0004
Arsenic (as As)% ≤0.0003
Mercury (as Hg) % ≤0.0003

Ferric pyrophosphate(Cas 10058-44-3) Usage


Ferric pyrophosphate is a coordination complex containing iron (III) ions and diphosphate ions in a specific ratio. It is formulated to be water-soluble and stable, ensuring its efficacy and safety in various applications. Despite its poor absorption in humans, studies indicate favorable bioavailability in adults, ranging from 83% to 94%.


Treatment of Iron Deficiency: Ferric pyrophosphate is utilized to address iron deficiency and iron loss in medical settings. Iron deficiency may occur due to inadequate dietary intake or chronic blood loss. FPP serves as a source of iron to replenish depleted iron stores in the body.

Fortification of Food Products:

Infant Cereals: Ferric pyrophosphate is added to infant cereals to fortify them with iron, ensuring adequate iron intake for infants and young children.
Chocolate-Drink Powders: FPP is incorporated into chocolate-drink powders to enhance their iron content, providing a convenient means of iron supplementation for individuals of all ages.


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